Friday, December 20, 2019

Modern Named MHEDA MVP For 2020

leading material handling equipment dealer recognized for customer and industry service for 7th straight year.

Modern Group, LTD has been awarded the prestigious MVP (Most Valuable Partner) Award for 2020 for their accomplishments in 2019. For the seventh consecutive year, Modern has earned an MVP Award from the industry’s trade association, MHEDA (Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association).  

Award recipients must satisfy a rigorous set of criteria with less than 10% of the association’s membership earning the award. As a 2020 MVP, Modern has successfully demonstrated a commitment to business excellence, professionalism and good stewardship.

To qualify for the annual MVP Award companies are required to provide evidence of their commitment to their partners in business including their customers, employees and suppliers.  They must satisfy criteria in the following important areas:
  •  Industry Advocacy
  • Customer Service & Safety Practices
  • Business Networking
  • Continuing Education
  • Business Best Practices

“The employee-owners of Modern are proud to be recognized as a MHEDA MVP once again” said Paul Farrell, President and CEO of Modern Group. “The highest dedication to customer service and industry leadership are commitments we proudly share. We look forward to making profound and positive difference within our community and industry in 2020.”

“Achievement of MHEDA’s MVP status represents members who have demonstrated a commitment to their business and its employees, their industry and also to the communities within which they serve,” said Mike Vaughn, 2019 MHEDA Chairman of the Board and Chief Financial Officer of Liftech Equipment Companies in East Syracuse, NY.

The Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association (MHEDA) is the premier trade association dedicated to serving all segments of the material handling business community.  MHEDA represents close 650 companies in the material handling equipment business.  Located in suburban Chicago, the association provides services to companies seeking to improve their business through education, networking, benchmarking and best practices.  For more information, visit

Modern Group, one of the nation’s leading equipment distributors, provides sales, leasing, short term rental, service, parts, training and financing solutions through its forklifts, power systems, arborist, construction, and warehouse products businesses serving Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and Delaware. For more information visit

Thursday, December 5, 2019

NEW PRODUCTS: Generac Mobile and Magnum Light Tower Parts

*Products can only be shipped within Modern Power Systems' Sales Territory of New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania.

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving From Modern

Throughout this time of the season it is important that we pause to reflect on the year that was, remember those who made a difference in our lives, and rededicate ourselves to be better members in our community.

On behalf of all the employee-owners of Modern Group, I would like to thank you for being our trusted customer. We wish your family a safe and joyous holiday season shared with those most dear.

-Paul Farrell
President and CEO
Modern Group, Ltd

2019-2020 Modern Group Holiday Calendar

Modern's Branches Will Be Closed On The Following Dates.
Our 24/7 Emergency Equipment Service Capability Will Continue Throughout The Entire Holiday Season.

Thursday, November 28th
Friday, November 29th

Tuesday, December 24th
Wednesday, December 25th

New Year's:
Wednesday, January 1st

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Set Your Clocks Ahead One Year...

Modern’s Presidents Club departs November 5th, 2020 for the Bahamas. Rewarding our elite customers with an all inclusive escape from your work day.

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

7 Years After Sandy: Electrical Infrastructure's Continued Vulnerability

Seven years ago today Superstorm Sandy made landfall near Atlantic City, New Jersey. The winds and rain left a path of destruction along the mid-atlantic. Widespread power outages, dangerous flooding, home damage, $71 billion in total economic disruption.

Today we are still living with the consequences of a storm that demonstrated the vulnerability of our infrastructure in the face of more extreme weather events. The recent forced blackouts to medicated wildfires in California underscore the need for serious investment in an emergency power plan for critical services.

Modern Power Systems and Generac Industrial Power continue to work to ensure our region is prepared for the future weather events to come. We are your partner to help you prepare your organization for days of disruption. Meeting the challenges of a changing climate with the best resources and skills on the planet.

Call For 24/7 Emergency Service: 1-800-404-7291
Call For Generator Sales: 1-800-404-7258
Call For Industrial Generator Rentals: 1-800-404-7291

Monday, October 7, 2019

Looking Ahead: 2019-2020 Winter Forecast From Accuweather

Winter in the northeast looks to be a little mixed to stormy. Heavier snow possible from Northern NJ and NYC up, mixed and sporadic storms Philly south. We'll get a better picture as we head into November/December.

The wait is over. AccuWeather's annual winter forecast for the lower 48 is out. As 2019 comes to a close, AccuWeather's long-range forecast team predicts an active winter season is ahead for the northeastern United States...

Specifically for the Northeast:

...Despite a few cold spells across the Northeast during autumn, winter’s chill won’t arrive until at least the end of 2019.
AccuWeather Expert Long-Range Forecaster Paul Pastelok said, “I think you’re going to see a touch of winter come in in December. But I think its full force will hold out until after the new year.”
Once the wintry weather does get underway, an active season will be in store.
“Whether or not it’s snowstorms, ice storms or mixed events, I do feel this is going to be an active year for the Northeast,” he said.
Above-normal snowfall could be in store for areas from New York City to Boston.
Meanwhile, cities farther south, including Washington, D.C., and Baltimore, will be more likely to get a mix of rain and snow."

Friday, October 4, 2019

LED Worklights From NEBO®

Keeping The Spotlight on Your Job

Redline Blast RC LED Flashlight
The newest addition to the REDLINE® BLAST line up is the REDLINE® BLAST RC, a 3200 lumen, waterproof, rechargeable flashlight that is also a power bank for your USB powered device. The BLAST RC includes a charging cable and lanyard for convenient carry.

SLIM+ Rechargeable 700 Lumen Flashlight
The SLIM+ is a thin, ergonomic rechargeable 700 lumen pocket light with a red laser pointer and a Power Bank for your USB powered devices. Equipped with full dimming and Power Memory Recall, the SLIM+ also features a detachable magnetic pocket clip, collapsible hanging hook and powerful magnetic base for convenient hands-free lighting.

Inspector 180 Lumen AAA Battery Penlight
The INSPECTOR is an innovative, powerful pocket light that outputs 180 lumens, with 3 light modes and 3x adjustable zoom that provide the perfect amount of light for any situation. The INSPECTOR is also waterproof (IP67) and features a removable steel clip and Soft-Touch Technology.

LUMO® 25 Lumens Keychain LED Light
Compact, handy and bright…the LUMO® Clip Light by NEBO® is the perfect “whatever you need it to be” light. This compact 25 lumen light comes with a carabiner attachment to clip anywhere you need. The white top of the LUMO® is a diffuser dome. This dome helps spread the light evenly to create a more omnidirectional light source.

Wednesday, October 2, 2019



(Bristol, PA) – Modern Equipment & Supply has expanded its service capabilities to include mobile dielectric testing for insulated buck trucks and manlifts. This testing is required by OSHA/ANSI A92.2 and must be performed annually by a trained equipment service technician.

Traditionally, owners of equipment that may contact electrical sources bring their equipment into a service shop for testing, resulting in pronounced downtime. With Modern’s new service capabilities this required test can be performed at most business locations or jobsites throughout Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and New York City. In addition, Modern’s road service team can handle the additional annual machine inspection (AMI) at the same time, further reducing equipment downtime.

“Modern is dedicated to delivering the most comprehensive set of service offerings possible to our customers” said Rick Nelson, VP/GM of Modern Equipment & Supply. “Our investment in mobile dielectric testing is our further commitment to occur customers’ compliance and time management.”

All customers interested in scheduling their equipment’s dielectric testing can contact Modern Equipment & Supply’s service team at 1-800-866-3376 or by visiting

Monday, September 23, 2019

Modern Equipment & Supply Now Offering Dielectric Testing For Bucket Trucks and Manlifts

If you own and operate an insulated bucket trucks or manlifts you are required under OSHA/ANSI regulations to be dielectrically testing by qualified service technicians annually. It does not matter if you don’t work on electrical lines, if the machine carries an insulation rating it needs to be dielectrically tested.
In additional inspections are also required after any maintenance work done to the boom and machine which could affect electrical conactivity and pose an electrical risk.
Dielectric testing is critical to help prevent injury or death of an operator, in addition to mitigating liability risk for being in violation of OSHA regulations.
From annual maintenance inspections to emergency repairs Modern Equipment & Supply can help ensure your business and workers are protected.

On-Site Testing Available: No Need to Drop Your Equipment Off At Our Shop Save Time By Scheduling Dielectric Testing Along With Your Equipment’s AMI!

ANSI A92.2 | Vehicle Mounted Elevating and Rotating Work Platforms
5.3.4 Periodic Electrical Test.

Each insulating aerial device shall be periodically electrically tested in accordance with Section 5.4.3 to verify the dielectric resistivity and detect conductivity changes in its insulating sections.

(c) After repair or replacement of any com-ponent that crosses the insulating system(s),or the repair or replacement of an insulating component(s) (e.g., hoses, leveling rods, boom coating, etc.), the unit shall be dielectrically tested in accordance with section 5.4.3;

“Electrical tests.” Electrical tests shall be made in conformance with the requirements of ANSI A92.2 – 1969, Section 5. However, equivalent DC voltage tests may be used in lieu of the AC voltage test specified in A92.2 – 1969. DC voltage tests which are approved by the equipment manufacturer or equivalent entity shall be considered an equivalent test for the purpose of this paragraph (c)(3).


Aerial lifts may be “field modified” for uses other than those intended by the manufacturer provided the modification has been certified in writing by the manufacturer or by any other equivalent entity, such as a nationally recognized testing laboratory, to be in conformity with all applicable provisions of ANSI A92.2-1969 and this section and to be at least as safe as the equipment was before modification.


The insulated portion of an aerial lift shall not be altered in any manner that might reduce its insulating value.

Monday, September 9, 2019

Fleetguard® LF16015, On Sale Now!

Overall Height: 176.78 mm (6.96 in)

Largest OD: 93.5 mm (3.681 in)
Seam OD: 93.22 mm (3.67 in)
Gasket OD: 71.88 mm (2.83 in)
GASKET INSIDE DIAMETER: 62.48 mm (2.46 in)
Thread Size: M27 X 2-6H INT
Standpipe: NO
30 MICRON EFFICIENCY, TWA: 97 % (97 %)

Primary Applications:
CUMMINS: 4897898
DAF: 1399494

LF16015: Fleetguard Oil Filter

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Spotlight: Bandit Chipper Anvil Gauge & Belt Tension Checker, Part # 955-300193

Simple and handy tool recommended for any bandit chipper owner to check on the conditions of key equipment components. When attempting any maintenance please consult your operating manual or contact your local Bandit dealer.

Learn More

Friday, August 23, 2019

Arjes Impaktor 250 Exclusively Distributed By Bandit



  • Patented dual-shaft design
  • Precise cutting uses less energy
  • Compact and low weight
  • Auto reverse function helps product cutting tools
  • Low wear part maintenance
  • Short Set Up Times
  • Tracks provide exceptional maneuverability
  • Available as Stationary Electric Unit
  • 22′ long x 7′ 10.5″ wide x 9′ 2″ high
  • Weight- 29,763 lbs.
  • Engine- 200 HP Volvo Tier 4f
  • Shafts- 59″
  • Shaft Speed- 11-45 RPM
  • Torque- (2) 80,000 ft./ lbs.
  • Conveyor Width- 31.5″
  • Conveyor Speed- 118″/ second
  • Discharge Height- 11′ 5″
See The Impaktor For Yourself! Request A Personalized Demonstration

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Summer Modern Power Systems Equipment Sale

Modern Power Systems is making room for an expanded residential and commercial training center at our Bristol, PA headquarters. Help us make room as we feature generators, switch gear, and more for sale at great prices!

LIMITED EDITION: Cummins® Performance Polo By Modern

Get the Modern look!  This limited edition polo is now available for FREE with any $350+ order on The Modern Shop. Grab Yours While Supplies Last!
*While supplies last. New orders only. Limit one per customer. Not eligible for training course orders or customers with contract pricing.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Energy Saving Products

Yes, We Know...It's Hot 
But There Are Some Things You Can Do To Help Protect Worker Safety and Facility Energy Expenses.
Energy Saving Products
Chill Out,  Get Modern Dock & Door Service Out There Now!
  Open Loading Dock Doors=Increased Fall Risk. Help Protect Workers With Dock Impact Barriers
HVLS Wave Fans 

Air Quality Alert: Is Your Generator Cleared To Run Today?

Extreme Summer Heat Bringing Air Quality Alerts,  Is Your Generator Cleared To Run?
Know When Your Generator Runs, Get Omnimetrix
Michael Camacho,
North Jersey
Mike Coyle,
PA,  South Jersey
Jennifer Schelling,
The State of New Jersey and many other municipalities forbid the running of large generators for non-emergency events when air quality indexes (AQI) rise beyond levels set by law.

This means that your generator may not be permitted to exercise during an Air Quality Action Days. Facilities may also need to keep detailed logs of generator run-time.

Omnimetrix Gives You Control and Makes Record Keeping Easier
Step 1: Know When Your Generator's Exercise Cycle Is  Scheduled.

Often set and forgotten about, the generator exerciser doesn't know when it's an Air Quality Action Day. 

Be aware of when run-time is scheduled and take proper action to disable the exerciser during Air Quality Action Days.

Modern Power Systems can help you determine what your generator's current exercise schedule looks like. 

Step 2: Bookmark AirNow.Gov
AQI Alerts Vary Greatly By The Area and The Hour
One of the most comprehensive resources for current and recent AQI levels is .

This official government resource is updated throughout the day providing you with localized AQI information. When an Air Quality Action Day is declared, you know to take action!

Just as important you can look back on historical AQI levels for reference.

Step 3: Get Omnimetrix®

The  Omnimetrix Remote Generator Monitoring System is the tool Modern Power Systems recommends to provide comprehensive reporting of your generator's start-up activities, and why they occurred.

Use this data in conjunction with to ensure your generator does not have any non-emergency run-time.


Monday, July 15, 2019

Friday, July 12, 2019

Why Forklift Maintenance is SO Important!

As humans, we are only as efficient as our equipment. Whether that be a wrench, computer, or forklift; we invest in these tools to ensure we are running at our best at all times. And with any investment, it is crucial to stay on top of upkeep to prevent any mishaps that could put your team, or your business at risk.

Forklifts are no different. We use them to their capacity, and some parts of the machine get a little more wear and tear than others. Forks and brakes are some of the biggest wear items because they take most of the beating. A few other boxes to check while doing maintenance are reviewing lubrication and fluid levels, as well as the oil regularly. Tire maintenance can also slip through the cracks.

Ensuring that your forklifts are regularly maintained and done so properly is critical in getting the most out of your investment, and The Modern Shop is here to help you do that. We have made it easy to source all maintenance parts in one place and our chat is always here to answer any questions!

Thursday, July 11, 2019

The Presidents Club

Offering You the Opportunity to be Rewarded an Elite, All-Inclusive Vacation

Introducing Modern's newest and most exclusive club - The Presidents Club. By accumulating points, all customers are welcomed to the opportunity of joining the Modern team as we embark to the beautiful Sandals Royal Bahamian Resort in November 2020.

Qualifying Time Period:July 2019-July 2020
Destination: Sandals Royal Bahamian
When: Thursday, November 5th - Monday, November 9th 2020
Registration: Automatically Enrolled

You will receive an update on your points at the end of each month.

How to Qualify: 1 Million Points
How Are Points Earned?
1 Point = $1 Spent in Equipment
2 Points = $1 Spent for Service
2 Points = $1 Spent for Parts

For All Inquires: Brianna Hughes 215-970-0194 |

Monday, July 8, 2019

Firecracker Sale Extended

By popular demand, and in celebration of the US Women's 4th World Championship, we are extending our FIRECRACKER sale through 7/15. Save 10% on all part orders!

★ 10% Off All Parts: NOW EXTENDED! | Use Code: FIRECRACKER ★

*New orders only. Not valid for training courses and Big Joe® electric pallet jacks. Expires 7/15/2019.

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Happy 4th of July From Modern!

There is still time to save on your  next part order with Code: FIRECRACKER.

*New orders only. Not valid for training courses and Big Joe® electric pallet jacks. Expires 7/8/2019.

Friday, June 28, 2019

Firecracker Deal: Save 10% On All Parts Orders

*New orders only. Not valid for training courses and Big Joe® electric pallet jacks. Expires 7/8/2019.

Monday, June 24, 2019

Modern is Hiring Generator Technicians In Maryland

Apply Here

Modern Group is recognized as a leader in the industrial emergency standby power Industry. We are growing our service footprint into Maryland, looking for technicians to service our existing client base $2000 signing bonus for all qualified technicians
Job Requirements:
  • Responsible for emergency breakdown and planned maintenance to all makes of generators and accessories, switches and switch gear for existing and new customers, on-site customer relations and ordering parts through the parts department.
  • The successful candidate will be self-motivated and have had generator repair training. Strong troubleshooting and schematic reading skills are essential. Candidates should possess necessary tools.
  • A valid driver’s license is required
  • Must be willing to work overtime
  • 1 - 3 years EPG/ Electronics and/or Diesel Engine Repair experience or Technical degree a plus
  • Understanding of Automatic Transfer Switches (up to 3 phase/ 480 volts)
  • EGSA Certified Tech a plus!
Modern offers an excellent Work Environment, compensation and benefits plan, Including:
  • Work for a 100% Employee Owned Company (ESOP)
  • Industry leader in technology
  • Company issued laptop and smart phone
  • Company issued service vehicle
  • Competitive salary
  • On the job training
  • Choice of Medical plans to best meet your family’s needs
  • Optional Dental and Vision insurance plans
  • 401k Savings Plan and Employee Stock Ownership Plan
  • Company paid Life insurance, Short & Long-Term Disability insurance
  • Paid holidays and Paid Time Off (PTO)

The Modern Way

Acting like we own the business...because we do. Join us on the Modern way.

Modern Group, one of the nation’s leading equipment distributors, provides sales, leasing, short term rental, service, parts, training and financing solutions through its forklifts, power systems, arborist, construction, and warehouse products businesses serving Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland. For more information visit