Monday, September 23, 2019

Modern Equipment & Supply Now Offering Dielectric Testing For Bucket Trucks and Manlifts

If you own and operate an insulated bucket trucks or manlifts you are required under OSHA/ANSI regulations to be dielectrically testing by qualified service technicians annually. It does not matter if you don’t work on electrical lines, if the machine carries an insulation rating it needs to be dielectrically tested.
In additional inspections are also required after any maintenance work done to the boom and machine which could affect electrical conactivity and pose an electrical risk.
Dielectric testing is critical to help prevent injury or death of an operator, in addition to mitigating liability risk for being in violation of OSHA regulations.
From annual maintenance inspections to emergency repairs Modern Equipment & Supply can help ensure your business and workers are protected.

On-Site Testing Available: No Need to Drop Your Equipment Off At Our Shop Save Time By Scheduling Dielectric Testing Along With Your Equipment’s AMI!

ANSI A92.2 | Vehicle Mounted Elevating and Rotating Work Platforms
5.3.4 Periodic Electrical Test.

Each insulating aerial device shall be periodically electrically tested in accordance with Section 5.4.3 to verify the dielectric resistivity and detect conductivity changes in its insulating sections.

(c) After repair or replacement of any com-ponent that crosses the insulating system(s),or the repair or replacement of an insulating component(s) (e.g., hoses, leveling rods, boom coating, etc.), the unit shall be dielectrically tested in accordance with section 5.4.3;

“Electrical tests.” Electrical tests shall be made in conformance with the requirements of ANSI A92.2 – 1969, Section 5. However, equivalent DC voltage tests may be used in lieu of the AC voltage test specified in A92.2 – 1969. DC voltage tests which are approved by the equipment manufacturer or equivalent entity shall be considered an equivalent test for the purpose of this paragraph (c)(3).


Aerial lifts may be “field modified” for uses other than those intended by the manufacturer provided the modification has been certified in writing by the manufacturer or by any other equivalent entity, such as a nationally recognized testing laboratory, to be in conformity with all applicable provisions of ANSI A92.2-1969 and this section and to be at least as safe as the equipment was before modification.


The insulated portion of an aerial lift shall not be altered in any manner that might reduce its insulating value.