Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Eric Walker Joins Modern Group as Director of Parts Operations

Leading Equipment Provider Invests in New Parts Inventory and Management Resource for Central Parts and Branch Parts Departments to Deliver Exceptional Customer Service Experience.

Bristol, PA

ModernGroup has announced the hiring of Eric Walker as the organization’s new Director of Parts Operations. He comes to Modern with over 34 years’ experience in the parts management industry, including 20 years as Parts Director for one of the highest volume Toyota Parts dealerships in the United States.

Eric will be directly involved in the procurement, logistics, and sale of parts inventory. Together with each member of the parts division, Eric will work to ensure complete satisfaction of our lift truck, construction, arborist, power systems and warehouse customers.  

“Eric has an exceptional understanding of the parts business.” Said Paul Farrell, President and CEO of Modern Group. “He has a clear vision of how Modern can best support our customer base and has the attention to detail necessary to insure we are producing the most value for our customers with each step we take.”

“I am looking forward to taking an already successful parts division to the next level” said Eric. “Our goal is to be the best in the industry for each facet of our operation, and with the dedication of each owner of Modern, I have no doubt we will achieve this.”

Eric is a graduate of Burlington County Institute of Technology. He currently resides in Burlington County with his wife and 2 children.

About Modern Group
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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Modern Keeps Customers Rolling Through Ice and Snow

At our foundation Modern is built for challenge, we seek it out and we conquer it. We do this because we have a purpose, to serve those who look to us. There is not a day that goes by where this is not true, demonstrated 300 fold by everyone who turns a wrench, answers a phone, or hits a key. But there are times which stand apart and brings it all into sharp focus.

We are built for times like this.

February's ice storm cut a swath of disruption all too familiar to this region. Like Hurricane Sandy before it, the staggering task at hand was met with stern resolve and brilliant execution by the men and women of Modern.

Modern Power Systems was first on the front line. Coordinating service, moving inventory, sorting through requests for help coming from every direction and source. Bristol’s reorganized pole barn proved invaluable as Generac stock was placed right next Power System’s building. Customers could drive up, load up, and leave…by any means necessary:

There are countless stories of folks directly served out of Bristol, but one we’d like to draw special attention to occurred late in the day Wednesday. A man by the name of Joe Behrle of Behrle Construction pulled up in his truck and came into the Power Systems office. He had driven all the way from Media, PA where his business is located. He’d been searching for a backup generator for his company, spoke to Rosalie that afternoon, and was now able to get his hands on a Generac portable unit. The team pulled it down in the barn for him, but to his concern it required assembly before he could start it.

Right then and there, without being asked, Roy Hoover and Cody Matthews split open the box and began putting it together right there in the barn. Everything was checked out, primed, and place in the back of Joe’s truck, ready to roll. He was overwhelmed with the level of service and professionalism Modern brought to his side.

With all the phones ringing off the hook, with all the customers preparing to drop far more money on our services than he had just done, we took the time to make sure he was taken care of without a moment’s hesitation.

After the surge in Power Systems comes another, chippers and grinders. Modern’s Equipment & Supply sales, service, and parts teams are working around the clock to make sure our customers are able to take care of their customers:

Look no further than what happened this afternoon in Bristol. Longtime customer Bill Johnston is the owner of William Johnston & Company in Haverford, PA. The company has been in business since 1929, and this week is shaping up to be one of the busiest in its history. He needed reinforcements to tackle the army of downed trees throughout Delaware County, so he came to the people he trusted: Ron Dortone Sr. and Jr.

It took a 4x4 truck, a track loader, and a lot of muscle to extricate the Bandit 250xp from winter’s grasp, but the Dortones understood that the quicker Bill got that Bandit hitched, the quicker Bill’s customers would be taken care of. As soon as the chipper was on the main drive Bill pulled up his pickup, signed the papers, and drove off to his jobsite.

We are made for times like this because we know our drive, purpose, and reputation are born in fire. When our customers need us most, we keep them rolling.