Friday, July 12, 2019

Why Forklift Maintenance is SO Important!

As humans, we are only as efficient as our equipment. Whether that be a wrench, computer, or forklift; we invest in these tools to ensure we are running at our best at all times. And with any investment, it is crucial to stay on top of upkeep to prevent any mishaps that could put your team, or your business at risk.

Forklifts are no different. We use them to their capacity, and some parts of the machine get a little more wear and tear than others. Forks and brakes are some of the biggest wear items because they take most of the beating. A few other boxes to check while doing maintenance are reviewing lubrication and fluid levels, as well as the oil regularly. Tire maintenance can also slip through the cracks.

Ensuring that your forklifts are regularly maintained and done so properly is critical in getting the most out of your investment, and The Modern Shop is here to help you do that. We have made it easy to source all maintenance parts in one place and our chat is always here to answer any questions!