Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Modern Co-Sponsers 1st Annual Forklift Rodeo at Anvil International

(Columbia, PA) On June 19th 2014 Modern Group sponsored a Forklift Rodeo at the Anvil International plant in Columbia, PA. Coordinated by Anvil's Greg Wise and entire safety team, this all day event was designed to reinforce fundamental safety rules while fostering friendly competition and company bonding. Challenges included first a written exam and unit inspection, then moving on to a test track with maneuverability, stacking, wall proximity placement and load tipping drills.

At the end of the event the top three participants received customer Hyster Championship Trophies. All team members signed the banner for permanent display at the facility. Modern's partner EnerSys provided lunch for the entire plant.

Modern congratulates Russell Culp, Rafael Hernandez, and champion Joe Thode along with everyone at Anvil for working so hard to promote worker safety!