Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Modern Group and CEO Paul Farrell Profiled in Philadelphia Inquirer

Modern Group's President and CEO Paul Farrell was featured in an article published in the July 21st edition of the Philadelphia Inquirer. This interview covered a range of topics included a discussion of our diverse product lines offered to our customers, the structure of our company as an ESOP and what that means for long term success, and some hobbies Paul enjoys.

Accompanying articles are also being published on Philly.com. The first explored the concept of an ESOP, as Modern is a 100% employee owned company. This structure brings with it some challenges a traditional organization does not need to face, such as wide disclosures of financial performance to all employees, but holds tremendous strengths for customers and owners alike.
"Quite honestly when you call Modern and you speak to the receptionist or to me or to the technician, those people are owners of this business and they have a vested interest in making sure you are happy,"-Paul Farrell