Monday, March 31, 2014

Modern Announces Owners of the Quarter for Spring 2014

Good Morning,

Today we honor the dedication and drive that shapes all of us as ESOP owners by recognizing those who are our vanguards.


We are proud to honor our Owners of the Quarter for Spring 2014.



Paul Farrell, President and CEO

Modern Group 

John Barilar
John's dedication to his job and those he serves knows no bounds of distance or time of day. I doubt many people would be able to produce an instance when John was not available to help solve their problems.
A nominator of his said it like this:
"John goes above, over and around the call of matter the day or time or what the problem is, he is there to help and keep you up and working. " 
Thanks John!


Scott Overbay

Scott's nomination came in the form of a signed letter from a customer to the Bristol branch. In its paragraphs are found the essence of an ESOP Owner:

"One of the things that makes Mr. Overbay a great asset is his attention to detail and proficiency at multi-tasking. I have had techs before that were good at one or a few aspects of this job but failed at other important tasks. Scott has shown the ability not only to turn wrenches and get vehicles running and working, but to keep the paperwork in order and maintain lines of communication...He always has an attitude of "How does we solve this problem?" instead of "We have a problem."

The big things matter, but what often makes the difference are the little things. Communication, paper work, proactive thinking and action. These may seem trivial in comparison to the job requirement of "fix my forklift". Scott is proof that your craft is mastered with hundreds of small details, not one big result.

Ryan Smith

Wrangling our Equipment & Supply service operation in Edison can be a tall order. Ryan has the ability to make it all look easy.
 Never get rid of that beard!

Rosalie Storti


"Rosalie is an extremely dedicated hard working Modern owner. She always goes over and above."


Rosalie is an embodiment of that ethos. Her dedication to the customer is unparalleled, more than a match to the conditions mother nature throws their way. One only has to look to the recent ice storm to see that it did not matter that a titanic number of calls had to be fielded, each one was a single customer who would be given every degree of attention and expertise Rosalie had to offer. 



New Dock Installation Truck Enters Service For Modern Group

Leading Warehouse Products and Service Company Expands Capabilities With Customized Service Vehicle

Modern Warehouse Products, a division of Modern Group LTD, is proud to announce their latest fleet investment has entered service. This a custom fitted Ford F-450 truck will be dedicated to the installation and service of customer loading dock equipment throughout Modern's territory. Along with enhancing job site capability, this truck is expected to reduce costs and service time for customers.

 "As our Warehouse Products division continues to grow we looked at all areas of the business and asked 'where do we need to further invest in to deliver value to our customers? The answer came from our service technicians out there mounting dock levelers and doors” said Steve Seminack, Chief Financial Officer. "Finding the right solution for the job is what our company does, this isn't just true for the equipment we deliver to our customers but the investments we make to serve our customers."

"We couldn't wait for it to be on the road and on its way to the job site." added Gary Evans, Warehouse Products Sales & Project Manager. "We know when our customers see this truck pull up to their facility they will know they no longer need to worry, Modern is on the job and will keep them rolling no matter what.”

The Dock Installation and Service Truck features a remotely operated crane, built in welder, generator, work lighting, and extensive storage space for equipment and supplies.

About Modern Group
Modern Group, one of the nation’s leading equipment distributors, provides sales, leasing, short term rental, service, parts, training and financing solutions through its forklifts, power systems, construction, and warehouse products businesses serving Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and Delaware. For more information visit

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Modern Group Becomes New Jersey's Exclusive Dealer for Avant Tecno USA Loaders and Attachments

Modern Equipment & Supply, a division of Modern Group LTD, has announced an exclusive partnership with Avant Tecno USA to carry their full line of compact wheel loaders and attachments in New Jersey.
Avant Tecno USA's line of machines feature support for dozens of attachments from buckets, to pallet forks, sweepers, grapples, excavators, and spreaders. The innovative design of each machine includes a rugged build, telescoping boom, and a front riding articulating body for superior control on the job site. This is made possible while keeping each model impressively affordable for owners and the preferred machine for operators.
"There are just so many way to describe an Avant, the applications for our customers are just that limitless," said Rick Nelson, V.P. and General Manager of Modern Equipment & Supply. "An Avant delivers tremendous value by providing customers a low cost of ownership and a return on investment which is simply unparalleled by any other piece of equipment on the market today. We know they will fit right into the business needs of Modern Equipment & Supply's arborist, landscaper and contractor customer base. We also see real potential uses for customers in industries served by Modern's other divisions, from material handling and warehousing to power systems."
Avant Tecno USA's line will be represented at each of Modern Group's New Jersey branches. Interested customers can learn more by contacting Ron Dortone Sr., Avant Product Manager, to schedule a personalized demonstration of the equipment and learn how each model could be customized for their business:
DortoneR [at] moderngroup [dot] com
75 New Street
Edison, NJ 08837
About Modern Group
Modern Group, one of the nation’s leading equipment distributors, provides sales, leasing, short term rental, service, parts, training and financing solutions through its forklifts, power systems, construction, and warehouse products businesses serving Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and Delaware. For more information visit
About Avant Tecno USA
Avant Tecno USA is the wholly-owned U.S. division of Avant Tecno Oy, a designer and manufacturer of compact multi-functional Avant wheeled loaders and attachments. Avant products, available worldwide, are versatile, powerful, compact, innovative and durable in all working conditions. This is why Avant is the market leader in loaders with operating weight under 2000 kg. Manufacturing, product development, sales and marketing are located in Ylöjärvi, Finland.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Hyster W40s Help New Jersey Agricultural Society Serve Community.

The New Jersey Agricultural Society uses several Hyster W40z Walkies to manage and deliver fresh produce donated by farms, grocers, and wholesalers to the community.

This particular delivery was to the Holy Cross Church in Trenton, NJ. The New Jersey Agricultural Society delivers food to this church every week, year-round, thanks to the generous support of Wakefern Food Corp.

Modern  is proud to support our customers so they can serve those who depend on them.