Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Air Quality Alert: Is Your Generator Cleared To Run Today?

Extreme Summer Heat Bringing Air Quality Alerts,  Is Your Generator Cleared To Run?
Know When Your Generator Runs, Get Omnimetrix
Michael Camacho,
North Jersey
Mike Coyle,
PA,  South Jersey
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The State of New Jersey and many other municipalities forbid the running of large generators for non-emergency events when air quality indexes (AQI) rise beyond levels set by law.

This means that your generator may not be permitted to exercise during an Air Quality Action Days. Facilities may also need to keep detailed logs of generator run-time.

Omnimetrix Gives You Control and Makes Record Keeping Easier
Step 1: Know When Your Generator's Exercise Cycle Is  Scheduled.

Often set and forgotten about, the generator exerciser doesn't know when it's an Air Quality Action Day. 

Be aware of when run-time is scheduled and take proper action to disable the exerciser during Air Quality Action Days.

Modern Power Systems can help you determine what your generator's current exercise schedule looks like. 

Step 2: Bookmark AirNow.Gov
AQI Alerts Vary Greatly By The Area and The Hour
One of the most comprehensive resources for current and recent AQI levels is .

This official government resource is updated throughout the day providing you with localized AQI information. When an Air Quality Action Day is declared, you know to take action!

Just as important you can look back on historical AQI levels for reference.

Step 3: Get Omnimetrix®

The  Omnimetrix Remote Generator Monitoring System is the tool Modern Power Systems recommends to provide comprehensive reporting of your generator's start-up activities, and why they occurred.

Use this data in conjunction with to ensure your generator does not have any non-emergency run-time.